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3 ways to keep your pet cool this Summer

Summer time can be hard on many breeds of dogs. Truth is some dogs are double coated which is great in the winter time but hard on them in the summer. There are dogs who are brachycephalic (boxers, shih tzu’s, pugs). Most importantly dogs do not sweat! Did you ever realize that your dog has never sweat, they pant instead. So how can we keep them cool in the summer time? Here are 3 ways you can help your pet this summer!

  1. Add ice cubes to their water.
    Ice Cubes can make your pet’s water cooler which will help them to bring down their temperatures a bit. If it is hot and the water is room temperature or hot even, that won’t be of any relief to them. Be sure to check on your pet’s water bowls twice as much as you normally do. Change it often and add fresh ice cubes each time.
  2. Cooling pad or towel for them to lay on if they are hot.
    Cooling pads are great for dogs to lay on. It gives them a cool surface which can drastically help because they do not sweat. A cool wet towel is a great alternative as well. This will keep them from overheating on a hot day.
  3. Walking them in the morning and evening instead of midday!
    Midday can be the hottest part of the day during the summer months. Help your pet to stay cool by limiting walks during that time of day. When the concrete is hot, it is also hard on the dogs’ pads and can cause injury.

**You can also leave a fan on and rotating or the A.C. on so that it will not allow your home to go above a certain temperature without turning on automatically**

Dogs have a hard time keeping themselves cool because they do not sweat. Keep this is mind this Summer and take the extra steps to keep your pet as comfortable as possible during this time. 

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