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3 ways to spend more time with your pet!

As pet parents we have all asked ourselves, Are we spending enough time with our pet? Are they okay while I’m away all day at work? Are they bored or lonely? We get pets to be our companion for different reasons. Sometimes we forget that they are waiting around for us, when we can’t be home with them all the time. Here are 3 ways to fix this! Spend a little extra time with your pet & still feel accomplished. It can happen, here’s how!

  1. Find one errand that you are doing this week that your pet can tag along.
    It can be a small errand, close to home or it can be a car ride to get something done. Bringing your pet along allows you to spend time together at a time that would be task focused. Note: please make sure your destination is pet friendly or you may run into a problem of what to do with your pet once you arrive. Examples of places you can take your pet: Restaurants with outside seating, kids games (especially if outdoors), Coffee runs (using drive-thru windows), Pick up dry cleaning, dropping off & picking up kids, visiting a family member or neighbor, pick up pet’s food or medicine, park to relax (read a book or just to get some fresh air). ​
  2. Set aside 15- 20 minutes every evening for some “special time”.
    Every pet would love this! Our pets always greet us at the door (if they can), they are so happy to have you home and want to spend time with you because they can’t tell time. For all they know its been a few weeks since you left them this morning, haha. Doing this will keep your pet super happy. It doesn’t take long and the rewards will be endless. Then you can tackle your evening guilt free!
  3. Exercise with your pet!
    Dogs at varying ages have a good amount of energy that you can do some type of exercise with them. You can do a slow walk, brisk walk, slow jog, full run, or even ride a bike while your dog runs beside you. You can play chase or fetch with your dog. Use a toy laser with your cats or even feather toys. Having an activity that involves both of you will make it even more special. It also makes it easier to stick to set activity because it benefits you both.

Having a pet can feel like a lot of work when trying to balance it all. Find something that works for you both. It can be a fun time for you to be together. Make it a routined thing, your pet will love all the extra attention and I bet you might get some enjoyment out of it as well.

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