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Are they pets or kids?

In 2019, the number of products and services specifically for pets are at an all-time high. Anything you can get for a human adult or child you can most likely also get for a pet (especially dogs). So, what’s happening you ask? More people are getting dogs for companionship so when you take that a step further, we have our pet kids. They make us feel so good by just being who they are that we now incorporate them as much as possible in everything we do. We take them everywhere we go, they have clothing and accessories, they sometimes get human food, they have vet visits, groomers appts, and even spa visits.

Each pet owner has their own reasons for why they got a “dog” but overtime the connection grows and they build a stronger bond than they ever thought they would or could. You find yourself building your routines around them and their needs. You look forward to coming home to them. You think about them while you’re away and miss them just like you would a family member. They try to communicate as best as possible as before you know it, you know what they are “saying”. You know what grunts mean or certain other noises. You know if they’re upset or just nervous. You know them because you have invested the time. Just as a parent learns their baby’s behaviors and mannerisms before their baby can talk.

What things do you do with your pet kids? Do you have a “thing” that you do with them? Whether it’s a hug or a kiss. A belly rub or you falling to the floor while your pup goes crazy because let’s admit it, you were gone for way too long. We want to know what things you and your pups or cats do together!  If you don’t have a “thing” we encourage you to create one. It can be anytime of day, take 30 seconds or 30 minutes, its up to you. It’s just something you and your pet-kids enjoy doing together. Take some time today to bond with your pets! 

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