COVID Safety Measures 2021

       Happy New Year to all the Pet Parents out there! As we move into 2021, us here at Noah’s Arc wanted to take the time and touch on how COVID & PETCARE is affecting us in a major city such as NYC.

In a Nutshell it has been  very challenging to navigate! 

         The pandemic took the world by surprise and we are certain everyone is doing the best they can every step of the way. We are choosing to be optimistic here are Noah’s Arc that in time things will get better! Having no clue how long that may be, we are here to help create the “new normal” for pet parents. While many may be able to work from home that is not the case for everyone.

“We are here to offer SAFE PET CARE during this pandemic for those in need of help.”

       Our Care Providers have been back at it since JULY of 2020 and our protocols have been very successful during this time. Each care provider uses masks, gloves, hand sanitizers and any other safety measure the client put into place to keep their homes & pets safe. We’re here to help you get your pet’s life back on track as much as possible during this time.



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