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My Holiday Wish!

“What do you want for Christmas?” Not that I can answer, but that’s the question that I’ve been asked for a few weeks now. My humans are trying to figure out what I would want. They took me to the pet store and I saw Toys… lots of toys! Toys that I could chew on, toys that made noise, toys that I could chase, even toys that were bigger than me. We walked around a bit more and I saw lots of clothes! If you know me, you know I LOVE clothes! Dad normally buys me cool jerseys and shirts, while mom usually buys me cute stuff like pea coats and sweaters. I love the attention I receive as we take our walks. Other humans want to say “hi” and to pet me, while dogs like to sniff me. I love my wardrobe! Then we went to the treats section! Oh I almost lost my mind, I started pulling dad towards my favorite treat and sat right in front of it. He knows what that means! Of course, we got treats, wooohooo! There was one more section that mom wanted to look at… the kittens, oh boy here we go.

Needless to say, “I was not a fan”. I stood off to the side as mom doted over them, secretly hoping she would not bring one home. I enjoyed being an only child but that was about to change. As the animal god would have it …we got a kitten that day. I’m still wondering what I did to deserve this, you can probably tell “I was not happy about this.” We ended up buying a lot more stuff that day. None of it was for me though. We all went home as a new family and they set up her stuff right next to mine. Her bed was next to mine, her food was next to mine, she even had a basket with her name on it for her toys and stuff. She didn’t use her stuff though, she used mine. She used my bed, my food bowl, my water bowl, even my toys. Her favorite toy of all was “ME”. I hated it, she would swat at my face and try to bite my tail. She would curl up in my bed with me or on me preferably. She would eat my kibble with me and would even wait around so she could follow me. Everywhere I went she was there!

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but…. I LOVE HER!! She has become my best friend. We play fight all day long. She jumps all over me and does these sneak attacks as I walk by, which the humans find hilarious. There was that one time she climbed up dad’s leg with her claws. He screamed so loud as he jumped up out the couch, now that was hilarious!  She sleeps under my paw and close to my heart, just the way I like it. I eat a little of her kibble and then she follows suite. As her big brother it’s my job to make sure that she’s eating all her meals and growing healthy. I think mom made a great choice with bringing her home. I wasn’t too happy at first but now I can’t imagine it being any different.

I know what I want for Christmas! My sister came from a group called “Little Wanderers”. I found out that my sister and her kitten siblings were rescued off New York City streets.  She’s so strong, I wouldn’t know what to do. They were taken to the vet and put in foster homes. Mom says “Little Wanderers goal is to find them permanent homes”. Before that happens, they need trap and rescue the felines (heard mom say that word) and get them to a vet to make sure everything is okay. Many times they need to be spayed/neutered, de wormed, or even have surgeries to fix any problems before you adopt them. I know it costs a lot of money because my mom says “girls are expensive” and my sister has a ton of stuff. I can’t even imagine if she needed more stuff what we would do.  Little Wanderers cover these expenses through donations and sometimes even foster parents try to help as much as they can. This is an all volunteer based network of people, so I DECIDED I WANT TO HELP BUT I NEED YOUR HELP! My sister and I have a great home with amazing humans but many pets out there don’t even have a home. Let’s do our part in making the world a better place!  Here is there info below! Every bit helps!

Little Wanderers

Did you Know?

On Average it takes $250.00 to help one feline! This is if they DON’T need major surgery!
 Our Goal: Raise $1,000 (help 4 felines)
Here’s how we can help them:

  • Little Wanderers accept donations on their website!
  • Foster Parents have Pet Wish Lists on Amazon!
    • Choose a foster parent from their site.
    • Order supplies and have it shipped to them!
    • Happy Panters will be working with foster mom: Lourdes Aviles!
  • Sponsor a Pet today!
    • Cover the felines expenses & needs financially while they are with “Little Wanderers”.
    • This is great for those who want to help but don’t have the time to dedicate to fostering!

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