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Pet Services for New York and Westchester

Since 2004 our mission at Noahs Arc Pet Care has been to provide quality pet care services to our New York City neighbors. We believe communication is the key to successful and long - lasting relationships. As pet owners we understand the importance of having a dedicated team who is knowledgeable, dependable and most importantly enjoys the company of your loved ones.

Our Legacy

Growing up in a family of pet lovers, I’ve had a natural, undeniable love and devotion for our furry companions all my life. In high school, my buddies had a cleaver nickname for my home: The Zoo. We had 2 parakeets, a 20-gallon fish tank, 2 dogs and a cat, all living alongside my mom, grandma, and myself. Our furry – and non-furry – friends were a source of comfort, joy and laughter in our family home and continue to be to this day.