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Our Legacy

Growing up in a family of pet lovers, I’ve had a natural, undeniable love and devotion for our furry companions all my life. In high school, my buddies had a cleaver nickname for my home: The Zoo. We had 2 parakeets, a 20-gallon fish tank, 2 dogs and a cat, all living alongside my mom, grandma, and myself. Our furry – and non-furry – friends were a source of comfort, joy and laughter in our family home and continue to be to this day.

Our Credentials

Caring for animals has become not only a passion but a lifelong commitment. After attending Tuskegee University’s Pre-Vet program and realizing I probably would be in tears before my patients – god forbid I had to break bad news! – I choose to use my resources to help my furry friends in need of a home and a little TLC. Back in New York City, I was lucky enough to fall upon a pet care position in the adoptions department of the ASPCA, the oldest animal welfare organization in the United States. There, I was lucky enough to work with the wonderful and supportive adoption staff including volunteers, rescue organizations, and law enforcement, as well as all the loving adoptees and prospective parents.


While working with the ASPCA, I noticed many families would adopt pets, but, unfortunately, many did not anticipate the level of commitment it would take to have a healthy, happy pet. As a result, many families would come back to return their new friend with tears in their eyes and anguish in their hearts. It was a heartbreaking event for many of us who worked in adoptions to see one of our friends back in the shelter, alone and afraid. At that moment, I knew there was something I could do to keep these families together; that’s when Noah’s Arc Pet Care was born.

Since 2004, our mission at Noah’s Arc has been to provide quality pet care services to NYC by creating a convenient, safe, and dependable environment. We pride ourselves on the relationships we build and resources we provide. At Noah’s Arc, we realize in today’s demanding world, time is the most valuable resource available to improve one’s life and improve the quality of the relationships we hold dear.

Our professional pet care providers are dependable, patient, responsible, and most importantly, committed to providing exceptional customer care. As pet lovers and service providers, we understand the intimate relationship one has with their companion. At Noah’s Arc our top priority is to provide a safe and nurturing environment by listening to both you and your furry friends’ needs.


Our Promise

We know how hard it can be to find quality pet care in New York. Having a company that understands your needs, values your time, and loves you pet is priceless. Noahs Arc Pet Care uses the latest technology and social media to provide real-time information on your furry friends’ day to keep you current and worry free. We believe communication is the key to successful and lasting relationships.

As pet owners, we understand the importance of having a dedicated team who is knowledgeable, dependable and most importantly enjoys the company of your loved ones. For us, the relationship between you and your furry friend is a bond which is respected and held within the highest regard because they are so much more than our pets; they are our friends, daily companions, confidants, and a source of unconditional love and devotion.