It’s Dana! The owner of Noah’s Arc Pet Care LLC

I am a new mom of 2 little boys, Jackson 6 months and Jazz 3 years old. I am a mom, an entrepreneur and a dreamer at heart. Yes, I said it, I am a dreamer at heart. I take daily walks just to watch the trees sway in the wind and watch the beautiful view of the hudson river from the manhattan side. I listen for the birds to be assured that life is so much larger than the challenges that face all of us. I am tickled every time I see my boys laugh or hear them smile and I know no matter what is going on life is still magical and oh so sweet.

Growing up I definitely wasn’t your typical black girl from Washington heights. Every summer I was shipped off to Vermont for sleepaway camp where I enjoyed swimming in the lake, bonfires and cold, damp walks from the cabin where we stayed to the shower house where there was always a daddy long leg lurking in the corners. I rode horses at Claremont Riding Academy, located on the upper west side of manhattan as a teen. I shopped at Millers for my chaps, saddle pads, breeches, helmets and crops for my upcoming equestrian competitions. At the competitions my family and I would be the only black family there but it never bothered me, I just loved to ride and thrill of the sport.

I was an only child growing up and despite having lots of cousins who were always around, my pets were my first best friends. I guess I learned a lot from my relationships with them. Like taking life as it comes and being okay with just being with me. They provided a shelter from a sometimes cruel world, with them they just loved me for me. I always knew my destiny lied with them, I just wasn’t sure of exactly how. After working at the ASPCA as a pet tech in the adoptions area I realized that I needed to help keep families together by being there for their new four legged family member when their families couldn’t. 15 years later I still believe in helping one another and the magic that comes with the special relationship one has with their four legged family members. Despite the challenges that come with being a mom, a dreamer and an entrepreneur I wouldn’t change it one bit.


4th of July can be a scary time for pets!

5 Ways to Keep your Pets safe this 4th of July Weekend!

  1. Create a safe space that your pet can get to when scared. Use a physical door or doggy gate to help keep your pet safe so that they do not run off.
  2. Use blankets, pillows, treats and things your pet likes to make the space more comfortable and welcoming.
  3. Use a thunder shirt, essential oils or medication (if prescribed) to help your pet remain calm.
  4. Play music or the television to help drown out the unexpected fireworks.
  5. Give your pet some extra love & attention this weekend.

Four Essential Items For Rainy Day Weather

As winter ends and spring begins to roll out, we are exchanging cold weather for rain. Lots and lots of rain. As those raindrops come falling down, should puppies and dogs be secluded from going outside due to a little wet weather? Of course not. Here are a few rainy day essentials for every and any pup.

  1. Doggie rain booties are a must-have for any panter for rainy day weather. The booties are easy to slip on and off and are very comfortable for pups to wear for their daily walk. It keeps their paws dry and warm, and if they step in any dirt or mud, you can remove the shoes before you head back indoors.
  2. Doggie raincoats are also great pickups for rainy days. Similar to the booties, the raincoats will keep your panter dry and warm throughout any storm plus they are really stylish. The more colors you get for your pup they more stylish they will be as they strut through the rain with no cares in the world.
  3. Doggie wipes are a must-have essential for rainy days whether your panter has booties and a raincoat or if they are outside without anything on. The wipes are great for after the walk. This item is great for wiping mud and dirt off of a pups paws, and it is great for cleaning any stains that may have dragged into the carpet or on their clothes.
  4. The final item is the waterproof doggy blanket. Great for drying off a pup after their walk, it keeps them both dry and warm. Also great for traveling. Lay the blanket out in your car and let your pup lounge on top of it so they can dry off.

All four of these items are great pick-ups for any dog owner and parent. They will make life much easier as it allows doggies and pups the opportunity to get out of the house and play outside and enjoy the rainy day weather with comfort and relaxation.


Are they pets or kids?

In 2019, the number of products and services specifically for pets are at an all-time high. Anything you can get for a human adult or child you can most likely also get for a pet (especially dogs). So, what’s happening you ask? More people are getting dogs for companionship so when you take that a step further, we have our pet kids. They make us feel so good by just being who they are that we now incorporate them as much as possible in everything we do. We take them everywhere we go, they have clothing and accessories, they sometimes get human food, they have vet visits, groomers appts, and even spa visits.

Each pet owner has their own reasons for why they got a “dog” but overtime the connection grows and they build a stronger bond than they ever thought they would or could. You find yourself building your routines around them and their needs. You look forward to coming home to them. You think about them while you’re away and miss them just like you would a family member. They try to communicate as best as possible as before you know it, you know what they are “saying”. You know what grunts mean or certain other noises. You know if they’re upset or just nervous. You know them because you have invested the time. Just as a parent learns their baby’s behaviors and mannerisms before their baby can talk.

What things do you do with your pet kids? Do you have a “thing” that you do with them? Whether it’s a hug or a kiss. A belly rub or you falling to the floor while your pup goes crazy because let’s admit it, you were gone for way too long. We want to know what things you and your pups or cats do together!  If you don’t have a “thing” we encourage you to create one. It can be anytime of day, take 30 seconds or 30 minutes, its up to you. It’s just something you and your pet-kids enjoy doing together. Take some time today to bond with your pets! 


Dog Parks in New York!

Hey Panter Parents,

Dog Parks in the winter? Yes! As long as it isn’t dangerous for you or your pup, let them enjoy it! Most dogs like to be outside in the winter, if the weather is not cold. Small breeds may not enjoy it as much but each dog is different. Many of the bigger breeds we care for definitely love the winter weather and wind. Many dogs may have pent up energy from being inside more during the winter months because of the cold. Here are a list of a few dogs parks in your areas, just in case the weather is nice enough to take a stroll! 


3 ways to spend more time with your pet!

As pet parents we have all asked ourselves, Are we spending enough time with our pet? Are they okay while I’m away all day at work? Are they bored or lonely? We get pets to be our companion for different reasons. Sometimes we forget that they are waiting around for us, when we can’t be home with them all the time. Here are 3 ways to fix this! Spend a little extra time with your pet & still feel accomplished. It can happen, here’s how!

  1. Find one errand that you are doing this week that your pet can tag along.
    It can be a small errand, close to home or it can be a car ride to get something done. Bringing your pet along allows you to spend time together at a time that would be task focused. Note: please make sure your destination is pet friendly or you may run into a problem of what to do with your pet once you arrive. Examples of places you can take your pet: Restaurants with outside seating, kids games (especially if outdoors), Coffee runs (using drive-thru windows), Pick up dry cleaning, dropping off & picking up kids, visiting a family member or neighbor, pick up pet’s food or medicine, park to relax (read a book or just to get some fresh air). ​
  2. Set aside 15- 20 minutes every evening for some “special time”.
    Every pet would love this! Our pets always greet us at the door (if they can), they are so happy to have you home and want to spend time with you because they can’t tell time. For all they know its been a few weeks since you left them this morning, haha. Doing this will keep your pet super happy. It doesn’t take long and the rewards will be endless. Then you can tackle your evening guilt free!
  3. Exercise with your pet!
    Dogs at varying ages have a good amount of energy that you can do some type of exercise with them. You can do a slow walk, brisk walk, slow jog, full run, or even ride a bike while your dog runs beside you. You can play chase or fetch with your dog. Use a toy laser with your cats or even feather toys. Having an activity that involves both of you will make it even more special. It also makes it easier to stick to set activity because it benefits you both.

Having a pet can feel like a lot of work when trying to balance it all. Find something that works for you both. It can be a fun time for you to be together. Make it a routined thing, your pet will love all the extra attention and I bet you might get some enjoyment out of it as well.


5 Things to think about BEFORE you get your new dog!

So you think you are ready for a puppy? Here are a few things to think about before bringing them home!

1. Time & Energy

  • Dogs take a lot of time and energy on a day to day basis but especially when they are new to your home. With everything being so new, some dogs may need time to adjust. Your future dog’s temperament plays a big part in this. Are they naturally calm or hyper, do they tend to sniff around or eat every thing. With puppies it’s a little harder to read them because they develop their personalities with time, there are often signs though. You will need to invest a lot of time and energy into making the process as smooth as possible while communicating your needs to your dog as well.

2. Training & Socializing

  • Training & Socializing is important for every dog regardless of age. There are basic commands that every dog should know to keep them safe. Things like “Sit”, “Stay”, “Come” can be helpful if your dog is in danger or you need them to respond immediately. Socializing is also important, this means to other dogs as well as the environment they live in. How do they approach other dogs? Can they read that a growl is not play? Are they afraid of going outside or what could happen when outside? Do they seem extremely anxious when you are not close? We offer basic training here at Happy Panters 

3. Pet Necessities

  • Dogs use a lot of stuff. They need doggie beds, bowls, clothes (depending on their coat and the weather). Dogs need special food and toys, they need collars and leashes. Treats and lots more! Here is a List for a new pet parent!

4. Vet

  • Just like us, dogs need check-ups, shots and vet visits. There are a lot of vets in America now and many different types of pet insurances. Even Petco & PetSmart has some type of vet option. Dogs have a list of vaccinations they need to be healthy. Please research a head of time because vet visits can be costly. Choose a vet or insurance plan that works best for you and your dog. Vet Chart!

5. Grooming/Shedding

  • Many breeds require regular grooming. Their fur gets matted easily and that can be very uncomfortable for your dog, not to mention it will be expensive as well. Grooming takes care of bathes, nails, anal glands, teeth brushing, ear cleaning, and more. Some breeds grow hair long and/or double coated needing regular grooming while others may grow short hair which can cause a lot of shedding. This is very important to think about before choosing the breed that fits you. There are some breeds that are hypoallergenic as well. It is important to note, even if the breed has short hair, regular grooming is still required. They still need bathes, nails cut, teeth brushed, ear cleaned, etc.

Owning a pet is a very rewarding experience that also requires a lot of work. Think of your pet as a baby or small toddler and you will begin to understand. Everything you would do for a baby or small toddler you may have to do for your dog. Research dog breeds, personalities, vets, grooming needs, training expenses, day to day care and support before getting your new dog.


5 Dangerous Foods your dog should avoid this summer!

Most of us pet parents love giving our dogs a little of what we are eating. Some of them have grown to expect some of your food. Here are a list of foods that may be harmful for your pet this summer.

​Chocolate, Coffee/ Caffeine

  • A substance called Methylxanthines is found in chocolate, coffee and caffeine. When digested by dogs, it can cause diarrhea, panting, excessive thirst, tremors, seizures or even death. Please keep these products away from your dogs. The smell may be enticing yet detrimental.

Grapes & Raisins

  • Grapes have been known to cause kidney failure in dogs. Please be careful during picnics, barbecues and other festivities where food is served. Experts have admitted that they are not sure exactly what toxin is released inside the dog, but that kidney failure has been a direct effect of dog’s eating grapes.
  • Ex. Grapes, raisins, cookies with raisins, fruit salads

Onions, Garlic, Chives

  • These items can cause your dogs red blood cells to die. Foods are often cooked with these ingredients for humans, be careful not to give your dog too much if any at all. Poisoning from this causes weakness, breathing problems and vomiting.
  • We may love Avocados and feel as though it loves us back. It can be very harmful to your dog. Avocado’s naturally contain persin in the fruit itself, in the leaves, in the bark, all throughout the tree. Too much can cause vomiting and diarrhea. Keep avocados away from your pet to keep them safe.

Raw Eggs

  • Some may put raw eggs in their pet’s food to help with shiny coat or their health. Raw Eggs can also be harmful to dogs. Salmonella or E. coli can be found in raw eggs which would cause food poisoning. They have healthy alternatives for making your pets coat shiny.

Take the extra precaution and keep these foods away from your pets. Them getting into even a little bit of something and cause a lot of pain and harm to their bodies. 


3 ways to keep your pet cool this Summer

Summer time can be hard on many breeds of dogs. Truth is some dogs are double coated which is great in the winter time but hard on them in the summer. There are dogs who are brachycephalic (boxers, shih tzu’s, pugs). Most importantly dogs do not sweat! Did you ever realize that your dog has never sweat, they pant instead. So how can we keep them cool in the summer time? Here are 3 ways you can help your pet this summer!

  1. Add ice cubes to their water.
    Ice Cubes can make your pet’s water cooler which will help them to bring down their temperatures a bit. If it is hot and the water is room temperature or hot even, that won’t be of any relief to them. Be sure to check on your pet’s water bowls twice as much as you normally do. Change it often and add fresh ice cubes each time.
  2. Cooling pad or towel for them to lay on if they are hot.
    Cooling pads are great for dogs to lay on. It gives them a cool surface which can drastically help because they do not sweat. A cool wet towel is a great alternative as well. This will keep them from overheating on a hot day.
  3. Walking them in the morning and evening instead of midday!
    Midday can be the hottest part of the day during the summer months. Help your pet to stay cool by limiting walks during that time of day. When the concrete is hot, it is also hard on the dogs’ pads and can cause injury.

**You can also leave a fan on and rotating or the A.C. on so that it will not allow your home to go above a certain temperature without turning on automatically**

Dogs have a hard time keeping themselves cool because they do not sweat. Keep this is mind this Summer and take the extra steps to keep your pet as comfortable as possible during this time.