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Four Essential Items For Rainy Day Weather

As winter ends and spring begins to roll out, we are exchanging cold weather for rain. Lots and lots of rain. As those raindrops come falling down, should puppies and dogs be secluded from going outside due to a little wet weather? Of course not. Here are a few rainy day essentials for every and any pup.

  1. Doggie rain booties are a must-have for any panter for rainy day weather. The booties are easy to slip on and off and are very comfortable for pups to wear for their daily walk. It keeps their paws dry and warm, and if they step in any dirt or mud, you can remove the shoes before you head back indoors.
  2. Doggie raincoats are also great pickups for rainy days. Similar to the booties, the raincoats will keep your panter dry and warm throughout any storm plus they are really stylish. The more colors you get for your pup they more stylish they will be as they strut through the rain with no cares in the world.
  3. Doggie wipes are a must-have essential for rainy days whether your panter has booties and a raincoat or if they are outside without anything on. The wipes are great for after the walk. This item is great for wiping mud and dirt off of a pups paws, and it is great for cleaning any stains that may have dragged into the carpet or on their clothes.
  4. The final item is the waterproof doggy blanket. Great for drying off a pup after their walk, it keeps them both dry and warm. Also great for traveling. Lay the blanket out in your car and let your pup lounge on top of it so they can dry off.

All four of these items are great pick-ups for any dog owner and parent. They will make life much easier as it allows doggies and pups the opportunity to get out of the house and play outside and enjoy the rainy day weather with comfort and relaxation.

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