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“Ever feel guilty when you go on vacation without your pets? “

Vacations should feel like an escape from it all right? So why do we feel so guilty going away without our pets? Truth is you consider them apart of the family and want to treat them that way. The world needs to catch up right!

Fortunately, we thought about that. This is why we do what we do! As pet parents ourselves we understand the importance of taking care of family. Parents deserve to get away, I mean that’s what babysitters are for right? So if your human kids have a babysitter, it would only be right to have a petsitter as well. The difference is your pets are having way more fun than you could ever imagine. They asked us not to tell you so you wouldn’t feel bad about not being able to stay at Happy Panters with them. Ssssshhh, don’t tell them we told you.

Here at Happy Panters we honestly do it because we care! Having a dog and two cats of our own, they are definitely family and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We wanted to extend that Safety yet fun atmosphere and option to other pet parents who may need a little help with their “pet children.” A community of people who truly love and value the lives of pets. So next time you plan a vacation don’t feel guilty! Feel happy because EVERYONE  is going on vacation. 

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