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Back in Routine

​Can you believe that it’s already September? The ninth month of the year, beginning of the 3rd season of the year, end of Summer & warm weather. 

Are you ready for early mornings meetings and late night paperwork? Getting homework done and dinner ready, while loading the laundry and vacuuming up messes. Oh, can’t forget the dog!Some of us live for routines and knowing what to expect, while some of us find it mundane & boring… which one are you? I must admit there’s a little comfort in knowing what to expect, what’s coming up next or the fact that your mornings are the pretty much same. It’s routine! 

What if i told you that dogs LOVE routines! They live for routines! They like to know what’s happening and when. You may already follow a routine with your pets and I bet they are aware of what’s happening and what’s to come. Almost like they can read your mind, hahaha. Don’t worry, I don’t think they can. You may subconsciously and not even realize little details that your pet may pick up. Dogs especially are very keen to body language, especially your hands & face.Your dog watches you for social cues, whether its time for a walk,when you are getting food or even what turn to make while on the walk. They have spent hours upon hours studying your every move. They often know what mood you are in and will try to comfort you or avoid you. Not all dogs may be in tuned to everything their parents may do, but many dogs have an idea and read body language very well. Especially that of their owners.

Does your dog ever get upset if you start to get dressed? Mine, starts to pay attention because she expects to go wherever we go. Snuggles will first watch as we get dressed, then she will make her way to the leaving room. If she hears keys or sees us put on shoes, she gets excited and stays on our heels because she refuses to be left behind. She will even attempt to run out the door before you just to avoid it, haha. My dog also knows where the vet office & groomers are. 

She will begin to shake as if shes freezing cold, while everyone oohh’s and aaaahhhs over her. Snuggles also knows when it’s bed time (whether we are ready for bed or not, is another question). She stands at the bedroom door and stares into the living room, if we do not acknowledge her she will bark ONCE to let us know she’s 
waiting. If we do not oblige she waits patiently for about …. 2 minutes before she releases another bark. It is then our job to first put her on the bed, then get into bed because she is ready to lay down (that my be a routine, she taught us). 

Dogs love routines! It helps them to feel calm and balanced because they have an idea of what to expect. Just like humans it provides a sense of calm, knowing where your home is, your bed, your hang out spots. Their routines provide that for them. If your pet seems uneasy maybe try establishing a routine for your pet. This should help them calm down a bit as repetition provides a sense of comfortability. On the other hand, if your routine is causing anxiety (i.e. your pet has separation anxiety, so watching you gets dressed puts them in a frenzy). This could also be a problem for your pet. Our pets are nonverbal, unless you have a talking parrot. They try to communicate the best they can but it is up to us to take the extra steps to ensure that our pets are safe & happy.

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