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I am grateful for you!

Humans call this the season “The Holiday Season” whatever that means. They have lots of weird days that they do special things on and wear special clothes. Ive noticed they been decorating the house which gives it this warm, comfy feeling. The leaves on the trees are changing colors and falling all over the ground, which is perfect for chasing!! Sometimes my human gets mad when i “drag” her around with me, but I can’t help but to chase those leaves. I can hear them say “chase me, chase me!” So i do! So that must mean its Fall!! Why do they even call it Fall… mmmmm

Lately I have been hearing her ask other humans “what are they thankful for?” I never thought about it. Truth is, I am so thankful for my human. She feeds me, she lets me sleep with her, she takes me on walks and places to eat food. She gives me lots of hugs and kisses. She bought my bed, food bowl, water bowl, toys, treats, clothes…. whoa! I never realized just how much she does for me. I have to thank her!! But how!

Maybe I will wait for her at the door and give her kisses when she comes home! How about i get in bed and warm up her spot for her? What if I feed myself dinner tonight so she wont have to? Maybe i can take out the garbage? Nah, i don’t even know how to open the door and i will probably just make a mess. Mmmmm, i need to show my human I’m grateful for her but how?

The things with us pets’ is we show LOVE as a form of gratitude. We pay close attention to our humans and often know what mood their in. We get excited when they’re excited and sad when they’re sad. We love spending time with them and giving them our undivided attention. Our humans take care of us and we only hope we show them how much we appreciate all they do for us!!

Thank you to all the humans, that go above and beyond for us! We appreciate you!

From: us pets!

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