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4 Ways to keep your dog busy!

Do you feel bad for leaving your dog alone sometimes? Does your pet seem bored or sleeps all day long? Here are 4 easy ways to keep your dog busy whether you’re around or not! Here goes!

  1. Give your dog a KONG!
    Kong’s are great for dogs to play with. You can fill it with any treat your pet likes (even their kibble). Then you seal it with peanut butter, yogurt, or even cheese. Then freeze it until your pet is ready. The fact that it is frozen will keep your dog busy for a while.
  2. Give your dog a Doggy Puzzles!
    Puzzles are great for dogs! They come in different shapes, colors and intensity levels. Find the right type of puzzle for your dog and hid treats underneath. This will motivate your dog to keep trying until they retrieve the prize which is the hidden treat. Moving the pieces takes some time so it will keep your dog busy for a little while.
  3. Letting them sit by the window or door!
    Some dogs find great joy in “people watching”. They love to sit around watching the world go by. They spend hours in the same spot as cars drive by, people walk by and watching the squirrels in the trees. This can be a great pastime for many pets. *Be careful though, sometimes the stimulation may cause your pet to become extremely hyper.
  4. Get your dog a friend!
    Some dogs love dogs! Playing with another dog keeps them busy and happy! Getting another dog could solve this problem easily. If getting another dog is not an option, maybe play dates with a neighbor’s dog or daytime walks with a dog walker should help. They will get to socialize and burn energy at the same time.

There it is! 4 simple ways to keep your pet busy! Try going down the list and seeing if any of these makes your dog happy.

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