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I think I want a sibling! Hear me out… A pet’s Story!

Hey Everyone! My name is Hendrix and I am a handsome 3-year-old Shih-Tzu pup! I have a great life I must admit. I have an awesome dad who I take great care of! We hang out at parks all the time and he loves to go hiking with me. I try to do as much as I can with him because he seems to enjoy our time together, which I must say I love as well. We watch TV together, go on walks together, play fetch and chase (those are my favorites), even eat together in the kitchen. It’s all great over here! So then, why would I want a sibling right?

Well, here’s the thing. When dad goes to “work” I’m all alone. Sometimes he hangs out with his friends which is cool! I love that I’m not his only friend. I just want someone to hang out with too, someone other than dad. When he’s off doing humans things then I will have another dog around. I understand that he needs friends and to have a life, but how do I convince him to get me a sibling? I have a life too you know! Or at least, that’s what I’m trying to work on now. Maybe I can ask my best friend Walter when I pick him up later. I see Walter everyday when our human friend Stacy comes to get us. She picks me up after dad leaves and then we pick up Walter. We have lots of fun on our walks! I love hanging out with Happy Panters and the Panter pets, but it always ends after a while. So again, ahem…… I think I want a sibling!

What would be some good points to tell dad? He’s a tough negotiator!  Let me practice now. “Dad! I think I want a sibling. Before you say no, here’s why. I want a sibling because sometimes I get lonely when you’re away. I play with Walter and Stacy but what I really want is someone here with me all the time. I know I’ve been a great dog and I don’t get in too much trouble, so I will take full responsibility of my new sibling and teach them everything I know. I think I did a great job with you! (if I must say so myself, ha-ha) so it can’t be too hard. I even did some research! There are many shelters here in New York that we can visit so I can find the perfect match. They have a variety of dogs with great temperaments who just need a good home and a family to love them. We can do that dad, I know we can! Let’s help a dog in a bad situation and at the same time GET ME A SSSSIBLING! WOOHOOO!”  The End!

Dad has to say yes to that! I mean how can he say no to that? We’re doing something great here right? Killing two birds with one stone? (As the humans would say!) Taking a rescue out of the shelter and (sings) GETTING ME A SIBLING YEAH! So, I have the list of shelters here in New York for us to visit! I also have a list of what we would need to do to be ready to adopt. Aaahhh I said it, ADOPT. ADOPT, ADOPT, ADOPT! I want to ADOPT a new sibling. When dad comes home, I will ask him. No! I will convince him that this is the best thing to do for both of us! Stay Tuned to see how it goes! 


Do you have any suggestions or tips for me? The more info I have the better!

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